4.12.2019 Moving Brands

Kaspersky: Creating a brighter vision.

Kaspersky provides cybersecurity to 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients around the world. The company uses deep-threat intelligence and its security expertise to protect businesses, critical infrastructures, governments and individuals.


Following a major repositioning, the brand moved away from the dystopian, anxiety-inducing associations typical of the industry towards a future where technology brings opportunity instead of fear. Our task was to design a new identity system which expressed this brighter vision.


Meetings in Moscow
Collaborating with the Kaspersky design team, we developed the new identity using a Slack channel to fire ideas back and forth and progress quickly. We held a series of working sessions and face-to-face meetings at the company HQ in Moscow. These were opportunities to understand expectations, absorb feedback and work together on identifying a fresh, exciting and distinct space for Kaspersky in the market.


‘Engineered for immunity’
Russian technical institutes produce some of the best software engineers in the world, many of whom go on to help Kaspersky create robust security software that provides immunity to the systems, businesses and people they protect. This led to the favoured creative concept of ‚engineered for immunity‘. It was expressed as two behaviourally distinct layers which drove the characteristics and principles of the design system.


The ‘engineered’ aspect of the concept is expressed in the machined quality of the Kaspersky wordmark and bespoke typeface. It is supported by a grid system that enables highly structured, yet flexible, typographic compositions.


The unrivalled protection provided by Kaspersky inspires a sense of safety and freedom. To express this idea, the ‘immunity’ layer is conceived as a vibrant and intelligent energy field that creates a ’secure space‘ at its core. The energy field varies in intensity to maintain optimal immunity and echoes the adaptive protection that Kaspersky provides. It helps people and organisations to benefit from all that the digital world has to offer, without hindrance or trepidation.


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