16.12.2011 Moving Brands

New strategy and visual identity for Coyote

Coyote is the fastest growing Third Party Logistics company in North American history. Moving Brands consulted with Coyote to define the story at the heart of their business. We then created a brand that communicated with and engaged customers and employees alike, allowing the company to communicate its dynamism and continue to move forward at its ferocious pace.


Moving Brands encouraged the client team to assess their existing brand and touch points objectively. The Coyote business is youthful and energetic, and their commitment to customer service is full of integrity and passion, but these characteristics were absent in their brand. Whilst the Coyote name is ownable, they realised that there were major opportunities to symbolize the aspirations of the business through a brand. To create distinction, it was necessary to move on from their existing flat, static expressions.


Key stakeholders within the company, clients, and carriers were interviewed and involved in workshops. This process revealed compelling anecdotes and insights about the company and its people.


The Coyote brand story is articulated as ‘Powerful Momentum’ and is brought to life in everything Coyote does, by being ‘loud’, ‘loyal’ and ‘fiercely energetic.’


Moving Brands created a new logo for Coyote which expresses their brand story — “Powerful Momentum”. The logo is called ‘The Arrowhead’. It builds on the strong name by abstracting the Coyote’s silhouette whilst encapsulating a strong left to right motion.


The spare, direct feel of the logo is emphasized further by the stencilled wordmark.


Bold use of black, white and green colors were chosen specifically to set Coyote apart from the competitor set.


Moving Brands felt the way Coyote’s employees communicated internally and with clients was a strong differentiator. High levels of professionalism and knowledge are delivered with directness and at times a tinge of rawness (we jokingly refer to it as the ‘F*ck Yeah’ aspect of the brand). Moving Brands developed a tone of voice that would encapsulate this, incorporating the sporting idioms that had organically developed within the company. This TOV is now evident across all Coyote’s internal and external communications.


The new brand was launched into the organization through a series of films that informed and rallied the team.


We worked with the Coyote team to create the spatial experience for their new state-of-the-art, LEED certified office in Chicago. The space itself has become a canvas for communicating the new brand — the Brand Behaviours are printed at scale across walls and animated across screens.


The new logo is displayed boldly in signage and wayfinding. The space is an unabashed and energizing reflection of the “Powerful Momentum” story, also reflected in the way tee’s and caps are proudly worn by the team.


The new company website (www.coyote.com) was the first in-market expression of the brand. We then applied significant focus towards recruitment materials in order to properly reflect the company culture. Training sessions and guidance documentation allowed the internal teams to engage with and utilise the new identity going forwards.