4.3.2014 ATTIK

Experticity Launches New Logo and Visual Identity System.

Global creative agency ATTIK today announced its role in developing the new corporate logo and the complete visual identity system (VIS) for Salt Lake City-based Experticity, the company that's transforming retail commerce by building and rewarding expertise in the influencers customers turn to for advice on what to buy. According to Experticity CEO Tom Stockham, the new identity launched on Jan. 1 across all of the brand's marketing channels, and has been very well received so far.


"We've evolved quite a bit as a company, and we needed a sophisticated identity with a human touch to represent the level of helpful expertise our brand represents," Stockham said. "We knew ATTIK had a long history of exceptional brand work for top-tier clients, and we were delighted at how quickly they were able to comprehend our business." So far the new Experticity branding has been executed in a new website, email campaigns, print collateral and in video work.


"We love having the opportunity to help such a remarkable company elevate its influence by virtue of a strategic brand mark and an intelligent, comprehensive VIS that can absolutely impact revenues and profits," said Margie Kane, ATTIK's managing director.


Associate creative director Stu Melvin led the project at ATTIK, working with many members of ATTIK's design and planning departments. The team began by creating a platform to help Experticity effectively communicate with a wide range of audiences, including 1.5 million helpful experts, executives at hundreds of retail and product brands and the managers of 60,000 retail locations. According to Melvin, the new VIS had two major goals: projecting a memorable, human-centric brand identity reflecting the electric experience of interacting with a passionate expert; and accommodating the brand's need to be effective across all industries.


"The concept of the lightning bolt was retained from the previous identity," Melvin explained. "The bolt is a powerful brand icon that we applied throughout the larger system. From there, we incorporated a ‘human touch' approach to key elements of the completed VIS by using texture on a warm color palette, handcrafted typography, playful illustrated iconography, and an optimistic style in our photographic elements."


"We set out to create a VIS that employs the same skill and craftsmanship that we see in our members and clients. And I feel on every front – strategy, copy and design – we were successful in creating that with ATTIK," added Experticity creative director John Meese. "Having a rock-solid VIS in hand is critical to my team's success building a world-class brand worth working with and working for… and the creative has been a joy to work with."


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