Grupo Mexicana Updates Its Corporate Image

As part of a strategy to bring its actions into line with its new corporate philosophy and address the challenges posed by the airline industry, Grupo Mexicana has unveiled a new corporate image that seeks to make the brand more competitive and differentiate it in terms of service, innovation, dynamism and flexibility.


The new corporate image was launched at the airline's maintenance base in Mexico City, where an A320 and an F100 bearing the new logo and brand colors were unveiled.


Solidity and reliability have always been hallmarks of this iconic brand, which now incorporates the values of accessibility and innovation, based on in-depth qualitative and quantitative research into various market segments.


The new logo features free-flowing letters that transmit the hospitality and flexibility of an airline dedicated to customer service, while the eagle has been preserved as a symbol of the brand's essence, reflecting the stability, consistency and solidity that have characterized Mexicana during the 90-odd years it has been operating on the domestic market. The graphics and fonts have been designed to complement each other visually, building on Mexicana's roots and projecting it toward the future as an airline that is proud to represent Mexico on international markets.


Aircraft exteriors and interiors, airport counters, and all forms of internal and external communications, will feature the new logo and brand image.


"Grupo Mexicana felt the need to create a new image that establishes it as an innovative airline with its sights firmly set on the future and that offers its passengers a memorable travel experience," said Mexicana Customer Service and Corporate Communications Senior Vice President, Adolfo Crespo.


As part of its ongoing efforts to consolidate its leading market position, Grupo Mexicana has been upgrading its products and services. One example is MexicanaGo, a new loyalty program that offers flexible rewards and improved benefits for members.


MexicanaGo members will be able to mange their own accounts on line and will have a dedicated call center at their disposal, forming a community of users with access to exclusive promotions and unrivaled benefits.


"To meet the needs and preferences of members, we have entered into strategic alliances with prestigious hotels, car rental agencies, banks (shared-brand credit cards), airlines (oneworld), telephone companies, department stores and points.com, among others," said Crespo.


Depending on their status, MexicanaGo members can redeem their points via programs like Welcome, Explore, Discover, Conquer, and Award Calendar, use them to acquire products such as all-inclusive VTP packages and participate in auctions. Preferred members will also be issued with exclusive Gold or Platinum Elite cards.


The program will not be officially launched until March 2009, but during this initial phase on-line applications will be received at www.MexicanaGo.com and new members will receive an introductory bonus of 1,000 points.


Mexicana has also upgraded its official website, mexicana.com, making it more flexible, user-friendly and interactive. The site now offers a "multi-segment" option that allows users to tailor their travel itineraries to suit their individual needs, incorporating more than one destination, and the option to search for flights by price and schedule, among other new and improved features.


The launch of its new corporate image and loyalty program are just two of the initiatives Mexicana has undertaken to consolidate its position as Mexico's leading airline, while the introduction of new long-haul routes to destinations like London, Sao Paulo and Orlando will establish it as an international carrier offering world-class passenger services.