Branche: Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft
Agentur: Moby Digg

Neue Corporate Identity für Baugeld Spezialisten.

Baugeld Spezialisten asked us to completely redefine their brand identity and brand appearance of their home-financing-corporation. Therefore we went through an intensive Design Thinking process, extracting the most important features of the brand vision and finally creating a concept for a visual identity, which would embody those strategic insights. The final result is a greatly flexible identity system, which can easily be adapted to any new or existing format. Baugeld Spezialisten tries to bring the idea of your dream-home into reality, by focusing not only on the financial hurdles, but also on the human, emotional perspective. Both combined create a full picture of the world they are constantly facing. The logo just builds on that exact combination of rational and emotional perspectives. The square acts as a frame, the circle as ‚focus‘ and the perspective as the human point-of-view. All together they visualize a grid and therefore build a bridge to the start of many ideas: The drawing-pad.

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