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The new brand identity for Nova Medical Centers.


Nova Medi­cal Cen­ters, India’s pre­mier sur­gery pro­vi­der, today unvei­led its new brand iden­tity. The new logo expres­ses the essence of Nova’s new iden­tity – “the joy of good health.” Nova Medi­cal Cen­ters will now be known as Nova Spe­cialty Surgery.


The new name and care­fully craf­ted let­te­ring com­mu­ni­cate the com­mit­ment to expert, world-class stan­dards that Nova faci­li­ties offer their phy­si­ci­ans and pati­ents. The logo sym­bol “n” rep­res­ents through its fluid shape the vita­lity of life. The sim­p­li­city of the over­all design cues the uncom­pli­ca­ted and per­so­nal care that pati­ents and their fami­lies have come to expe­ri­ence at Nova. To com­plete the look, a vibrant blue-green color vignette has been used to leave onlookers with a care­free and joy­ous feeling. 


Stan­da­lone ambu­latory sur­gery cen­ters are pre­va­lent in the USA, UK, Aus­tra­lia, and Europe. Short-stay and even same-day pati­ent disch­arge enab­led by advan­ced sur­gi­cal and pain manage­ment tech­ni­ques pro­mote fas­ter pati­ent reco­very and redu­ced health care costs. Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery has pionee­red this patient-centric care deli­very for­mat in India, esta­blis­hing nine such faci­li­ties in neigh­borhood loca­ti­ons across the coun­try since it laun­ched its first cen­ter in Ban­ga­lore in June 2009. 


Speaking at the brand relaunch, Mr. Suresh Soni, Chair­man and CEO, Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery, said, “ since its incep­tion, Nova has been reco­gnized as an inno­va­tive pro­vi­der of health ser­vices. This new logo sym­bo­li­zes our com­mit­ment towards brin­ging world-class sur­gi­cal care to the mas­ses in India. Our new logo and iden­tity will enable us to spread our ser­vices and ethos in a sim­pler, more enthu­si­as­tic fashion and pro­mote a fee­ling of “joie de vivre.”


Ray+Keshavan | The Brand Union, the crea­tive force behind the reb­ran­ding exer­cise remar­ked, “The focus of the Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery reb­ran­ding exer­cise has been to com­mu­ni­cate the uni­quen­ess of this care model, best exem­pli­fied in the say­ing ‘life is not merely to be alive but to be well.’ The customer-centricity of the Nova for­mat exem­pli­fied by its easy to navi­gate, world-class faci­li­ties in neigh­borhood loca­ti­ons that enable fas­ter pati­ent reco­very through highly expe­ri­en­ced doc­tors and per­so­na­li­zed care.”


Foun­ded in June 2009, Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery has attrac­ted doc­tors, pati­ents, and insurance com­pa­nies to its new model of care deli­very. Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery has 9 fully func­tio­nal cen­ters in Ban­ga­lore, New Delhi, Mum­bai, Hydera­bad, Jai­pur, and Chen­nai. By March 2014, the Nova Group plans to have 25 ope­ra­tio­nal cen­ters across India and the Middle East.


Nova Spe­cialty Sur­gery deve­lops, acqui­res, owns and ope­ra­tes Ambu­latory Sur­gi­cal Cen­ters in part­nership with sur­ge­ons across India. Ambu­latory or Short-Stay sur­ge­ries are pro­ce­du­res that take bet­ween 24 - 72 hours from admis­sion to pati­ent disch­arge. Nova pro­vi­des lea­ding sur­ge­ons from diverse spe­cial­ties with com­pre­hen­sive, ultra-modern faci­li­ties com­pri­sing doctor’s offices, ope­ra­ting rooms, pre- and post-operative rooms, dia­gnostics, ima­ging, health check-up area, patho­logy labo­ratory, and a phar­macy. By spe­cia­li­zing only in Short-Stay sur­gi­cal pro­ce­du­res, Nova impro­ves the pati­ent expe­ri­ence and con­tains costs while incre­a­sing ope­ra­ting effi­ci­ency. Nova’s inno­va­tive health ser­vices model offers unpar­al­leled qua­lity and affordability.