20.2.2012 Moving Brands

CX – create a striking, differentiated brand identity.

CX – Strategy

“Moving Brands understood exactly what we needed and what we were trying to achieve with our business and our brand. Their knowledge of new technologies along with their talent for design made them the perfect partner. I’m thrilled with the results” – Keith Pardy, CMO, CX Inc


Moving Brands worked with Cloud Experience, a cloud storage service backed by Tomorrow Ventures (Eric Schmidt’s Venture Fund) to define their unique business proposition in a saturated market.


The team had one key objective; to be a market-leader in the already-crowded cloud storage market. To achieve this, Moving Brands worked with their key stakeholders to define the core product offer, select and understand their audience, and create a striking, differentiated brand identity.


We distilled the many possible product options into one clear focus: The product would be ‘more social’ than any other cloud service. Hero Journeys were developed – a snapshot of the multiple user benefits – that aligned the product offer to a consumer segment.


CX – Identity

In order to differentiate Cloud Experience from their competitors, it was imperative to look at the name. The team felt this was generic and uninspired, drawing parallels with smaller, more commoditized companies. Cloud Experience had already invested heavily in the domain name, so a thorough naming process working within these limitations led to the solution of ‘CX.’ The aspirational and user-focused strap line “Cloud to the Power of X,” suggests an offer that encompasses all you expect from the cloud, magnified to the infinite power.


For this technology led but consumer-focused organization, a believable, human Brand Narrative was critical. ‘Content comes to life’ reflects CX’s ability to bring simplicity and excitement to the way we share and store content in a moving world. Defining Behaviors such as ‘geektastic,’ ‘simple’ and ‘obsessive,’ gave shape to the character of the business and how the experience they deliver comes to life.


The visual identity system was driven by the important relationship between the copy and graphic language. The vibrant core assets are complemented by a library of color and pattern elements. A bespoke typeface was created that includes a built-in open-type iconographic system. The unique graphic language is supported by a tone of voice and messaging system built of the Brand Behaviour and Brand Character attributes. A system of curated photography completes the system.


The UX underpins the products ‘social’ credentials, and was designed to be scalable, with added functionality and user experience to be implemented as the business matured.