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Agentur: Frog Design

Bloomberg And Frog Turn Raw Data Into Branding

Tasked with creating a corporate page for Bloomberg, frog had to figure out the central theme of all its myriad businesses: Data, which they then used as a clever bit of branding.


Bloomberg is a sprawling, multi billion-dollar enterprise, which creates a distinct problem if you’re trying to explain what the company actually does. They do lots of things, ranging from law research to sports research for team managers to, of course, stock-market data crunching. “Many people have a single association with Bloomberg, as a wire service or a market-data provider,” says Jen Walsh, Bloomberg’s head of digital marketing. “We wanted our website to shine a light on other aspects of the business.”


Walsh sounds like she’s describing a typical corporate homepage, but she tapped frog to create something altogether different: A vast, infinitely scrolling wall of real-time data. The idea is that Bloomberg, in all of its businesses, provides data and information. So why not use that data as the actual branding itself? “Visiting the office, there’s a tremendous frenetic energy there. It’s like being inside one of the Bloomberg stock terminals,” says Monique TeSelle, a creative director at frog. “We wanted to capture some of that energy you get visiting the actual office.” (…)


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