Branche: Ver- und Entsorgung
Agentur: Söderhavet

Challenge driven innovation.

The world is facing one of its greatest challenges so far – climate change. Sweden has committed itself to the long-term goal of reducing carbon pollution. The Swedish Energy Agency, through the initiative ‘A Challenge from Sweden’, promotes challenge driven innovation to accelerate the shift towards a zero carbon growth economy. A Challenge from Sweden needed to create its own brand and design system in relation to the nation brand of Sweden, and to clarify its mission to its stakeholders.


Approach – The objective was to create a coherent brand experience through a strong brand identity and design system, offering a great degree of flexibility for different thematic initiatives as well as for touchpoints. We defined a visual expression, based on the brand identity for brand Sweden that would convey the initiative’s DNA and manage a multiple-player initiative.


Solution – The core elements of the identity (typeface, colours, grid, logostructure/sender system) derive from the brand Sweden identity, while we added secondary colors, tone of motion and a pattern to evoke a progressive and dynamic perception. The main theme is energy, both as a resource and as a force that is driving change. The brand identity creates a systematic scheme for A Challenge from Sweden and its different thematic sub-initiatives.



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