9.12.2014 Moving Brands

DeviantArt: The largest gallery in the palm of your hand.

DeviantArt, the world’s largest online social network for art, approached Moving Brands to undertake a massive rebranding, as well as the design of a revolutionary new app.


An internet institution, DeviantArt had grown from a niche platform for sharing original Winamp skins to a digital art juggernaut with 32 million registered members, making it one of the largest social media sites in the world. Moving Brands was engaged to support the drive for new partnerships and aggressive goals for growth, working with senior leaders on branding, experience design and communications.



DeviantArt’s strength comes from it’s phenomenally large and loyal user base. They consider themselves a community, not a business, united in love and support of art and artists. In partnering with DeviantArt to redefine their core beliefs to enable growth, we were ever-mindful of their relationship to their community and the impact of changes to the brand and experience.


To guide these changes we defined and articulated their core story — “Bleed and Breed Art.” This is a bold promise and challenge from the world’s largest collective of digital art and artists to nurture creativity and spread art throughout the world.


That single declarative statement drives every brand initiative. From vetting potential business and sponsorship opportunities to launching a new app and a refreshed web experience, the criteria for judgment is always “will it bleed and breed art?”



The logo is a careful evolution of their existing mark and a literal representation of their desire to turn the art world upside down. This is further articulated with a unique brand pattern made from the symbol that reveals the both the right side up and upside down “A.”


The identity system allows the characteristics of the DeviantArt community to shine —a kindred sense of family and belonging, and the magnetism of a truly addictive art experience. 


Angles within the system are derived from the 62° angle of the symbol, including brand typography and a fully customized iconography set for the website and the mobile app. Symbol crops were used to create containers for content and communications.


The brand’s color palette was evolved to present art in its best light. The hero DeviantArt Green was made more vibrant but used sparingly for effect and highlighting, while carefully selected dark neutral grays are used pervasively to showcase art. Color choices were made in tandem with the app development to be optimized for the mobile UI.


The individual elements of the identity system are further detailed, and available to download, on a launch microsite co-created with Moving Brands.