Branche: Verkehr
Agentur: Interbrand

Interbrand Develops Branding for AVIAGE SYSTEMS.

Seeking to establish a leader position in the global aerospace market, GE Aviation and AVIC joined forces in November 2009. Combining their unique expertise in aviation technology, manufacturing, and management – the new company provides fully-integrated, open architecture avionics systems to meet the growing demands of the commercial aviation industry.


In creating a new, cohesive brand for the organization, GE and AVIC turned to Interbrand to develop a name and visual identity that would embody the vision and mission of the organization and remain relevant as the company works to expand globally.


Interbrand’s offices in New York and Shanghai developed the name, ‘AVIAGE SYSTEMS’. “AVIAGE,” combines AVIC and GE, speaks to both the parent companies that power the growth of the joint venture, and also embodies reference to the aviation industry. The Chinese name 昂际, meaning “open to the future of aviation and soaring freely without boundaries,” is representative of the company’s specialties in cutting-edge technology and avionics solutions that will serve in elevating both the Chinese and global avionics industry.


The visual identity resembles the cockpit window of an aircraft, symbolizing the improved flight experience and advanced operational environment brought by AVIAGE SYSTEMS’ open architecture and integrated avionics solutions. It also resembles a flying wing and victory sign, encapsulating the message of strength and optimism about the future.


Commenting on AVIAGE SYSTEMS debut, Nate Manning, General Manager of AVIAGE SYSTEMS, said, “The new brand marks a new chapter for our company and represents a fantastic opportunity for us to do something historic and game-changing. Being aligned under a new company vision, mission, and value set will lead the company towards the same direction and guide the team to thrive for a bright future with concerted efforts in the years to come.”


“Given the competitive landscape and history of both GE and AVIC, AVIAGE SYSTEMS has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself within the aerospace category,” said Mike Knaggs, Interbrand Creative Director. The strategic naming and visual identity signals their commitment to take on global, not just national challenges within China. Additionally, it will be used as a vehicle to share their message of global diversity, customer insight, and quality products to its global audience. “


Headquartered in China, the company’s permanent office will open in 2014 with full R&D, testing and integration capabilities. The headquarters will be supported by the company’s affiliated work sites in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States and Cheltenham, United Kingdom. The new corporate brand was first revealed at the 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai, Guandong, China on November 13, 2012.


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