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MetaDesign San Francisco Creates Brand Identity for inkling

MetaDesign San Francisco today announced its role in creating the brand positioning and identity for Inkling, an innovative new business that has developed the world’s first end-to-end platform for mobile learning. The highly anticipated platform will be available this spring for Apple’s family of touch-enabled devices, including the groundbreaking new iPad. 

“Our identity will set us apart in this exciting new market.” 

“MetaDesign helped us define and develop our core brand attributes and delivered a design that is evocative and sophisticated,” said Matthew MacInnis, CEO of Inkling. “Our identity will set us apart in this exciting new market.” 

Inkling recently announced plans for its end-to-end platform for learning content, bringing rich interactivity and social interaction to the iPad. Built for both K-12 and higher education, the Inkling platform will change the way an entire generation learns. 

“We created an identity that represented Inkling’s mission with a design based on the concept of revelation,” said Bill Hill, President and Founder of MetaDesign San Francisco. “True to the company’s brand promise, the design evokes a sense of awakening curiosity and wonder.”

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