29.11.2020 Designstudio

Pitch: Progressing slide by slide.

Presentations are the moment where important stories are told, where complex information is broken down and great ideas emerge slide by slide. But the software used to create them is often limited and unintuitive – resulting in boring presentations.



Pitch is a new alternative to the presentation software we use every day. Following a successful beta period that gained a host of loyal fans, they came to us with a challenge. They needed to evolve their brand to appeal to increasingly bigger companies, without losing love from start-ups. Finding a positioning that would speak to enterprise audiences externally, and provide alignment between product and marketing teams internally. Ultimately, elevating them beyond the category and fueling their growth.



We worked hugely collaboratively with the Pitch team, uncovering a strong ambition to change the way people and organisations build stories and share ideas. We learnt that Pitch was born as an antidote to the slow, painful, inefficient ways of working we’ve all experienced. We also got to know the product inside out, shifting our workflow into the Pitch software so we could get a real understanding of what it felt like. As the world moved into lockdown, the necessity of Pitch and the magic of remote collaboration became more apparent.