23.1.2018 Prophet

Rebranding Formula E.

Formula E engaged Prophet to creatively reframe the series, developing a more relevant and distinctive proposition and visual identity to help widen the sport’s fan base and distance this progressive world player in the electric revolution from traditional motor racing.


“The answer was to stop trying to compete with Formula 1 and move the goal posts completely,” said Greg Handrick, Partner at Prophet. “By conducting extensive primary research, and specifically talking to fans, we honed-in on the single big idea that will make Formula E distinct and famous: electric street racing. If you think about it, this takes a perceived shortcoming – the lack of noise and lower speeds – and turns it into a differentiator: being able to race in the heart of a city! It’s bold, innovative, and highlights boundary-pushing electric performance in a way that connects better emotionally with mainstream and younger audiences who are attracted by this new, gritty form of motorsport and digital interactivity of the race.”


Prophet translated the spirit of the evolution of Formula E and street racing in the heart of the city into a more contemporary and disruptive visual identity. Inspired by the rawness of urban city environments, design elements are layered and juxtaposed to fuse interruption and energy with unpredictability and boldness. A powerful system for the brand that captures the drama and personality of this nail-biting sport and one that sets it apart as distinctively Formula E.


“The insight from the global research we conducted with Prophet was invaluable in focusing on what makes Formula E relevant to a millennial audience. This led to the building blocks of our new identity which has enabled the electric street racing series to capture the next generation of race fans,” added Ben Padley, Marketing & Brand Director at Formula E.


DixonBaxi created the racing series’ title sequences, in-match graphics and idents based on the new identity.