6.8.2021 Studio Bergini

Visual identity for London Centre for Book Arts.

Our identity for the London Centre for Book Arts has been developing over the course of a year, a dialogic process which allows us to shape how the designs are taken up and used in real time, to give LCBA a tailored and functional identity. The look relies heavily on a fat logo set in Original Sans, and on bold use of Caslon Ionic – both typefaces which hint to local history as the Caslon foundry’s last site. Placed together, the pair create a striking and utilitarian identity which emphasises and compliments the in-house printing processes, be it letterpress, foil blocking or Risograph.


We combined this slightly heavy-handed branding approach with a vibrant colour palette to reflect the multicultural, LGBTQ+ friendly, alternative scene around the workshop. The physical manifestations of the identity play with materials and processes as much as possible – this way, every flyer, bookmark, leaflet, and membership card automatically advertises the possibilities the workshop has to offer to its members.