Wegmans: New logo

Wegmans customers will soon begin to see a Wegmans logo that harkens back to the company's logo of the 30s and 40s. It makes its return in the Wegmans' Sunday weekly ad on September 28, and over the next several days, on new uniform shirts for Wegmans employees. 


“When we looked back at some of our earliest logos, they conveyed the warmth and personal attention to detail that we hope reflect our brand,” explained Colleen Wegman. “The family culture in our company continues to grow. It was time to go back to our roots and to a logo that is welcoming because it is more like a family signature.” 


Little by little, a shift from the block-letter style of Wegmans’ name, first introduced in the 1970s, to a script style will occur. The transition will be gradual, starting first with things that are simple to change. Storefront signs, for example, may not be replaced for a long while, because of the cost. But grocery bags, packaging and other such things will be redesigned as supplies run out. 


The company first announced the change in a September 19 email to employees from Colleen and her dad, CEO Danny Wegman, in which they said “Our new logo is both a reflection of our past and a vision for our future.”