AMN Healthcare Unveils New Corporate Identity

In an effort to more effectively symbolize its position as the leader in the healthcare staffing and management services industry and the unique strength of its interconnecting service offerings, AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS) announced today that it has launched a new corporate brand identity.  During the last year, AMN conducted a survey of over 3,000 of its clients, healthcare professionals and team members to understand how it could leverage its expertise to meet the changing needs of clients and providers. That survey revealed that AMN Healthcare's multi-brand strategy continues to be well received in offering the most comprehensive workforce management services and the largest network of qualified clinicians to facilities and other practice settings. 


However, the survey also revealed that until now AMN had not fully communicated the strength of its businesses as a whole, including its service-line depth, extensive experience in the industry and efficiencies to better cost-effectively meet client needs. 


"The AMN Healthcare of today has evolved significantly since our inception 25 years ago. During 2009, in particular, we made significant enhancements to our client-focused processes and re-aligned our brands and service offerings to ensure we are focused on what our clients need and value most from us," said Susan Nowakowski, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of AMN. "As the thought leader in the healthcare recruitment and staffing industry, we have an important opportunity and responsibility to continue our track record of innovation. The improvements we've made re-enforce our long-term business strategy and continue our commitment to our clients of delivering integrated, high quality, cost-effective workforce solutions." 


The branding initiative involves a new visual identity across all divisions, which includes a new logo and design on all AMN Web sites and materials. In addition to the new AMN Healthcare logo, physician brands Staff Care and Merritt Hawkins, and pharmacy brand Rx Pro Health logos have been redesigned to align with the new corporate brand and re-enforce that AMN is a diverse, interconnected organization with multiple service lines that work together for the benefit of its clients. 


"We're pleased to unveil the result of our extensive research, analysis, and design of an evolved AMN Healthcare," said Nowakowski. "This is the first time that AMN has undergone an extensive company-wide branding process since the company was founded 25 years ago," she noted. "Our new identity demonstrates the strength of AMN as a multi-faceted and unified staffing and services partner for our clients and other key stakeholders," she added. 


AMN was established in 1985 as American Mobile Nurses and grew over the years to become the largest provider of nurses to thousands of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Beginning in 1998, AMN began acquiring or creating other companies and/or brands, first in the nursing field and later in physician and allied. From one brand in 1985 to the leader in the healthcare staffing industry today, AMN now operates five nursing brands (American Mobile Healthcare, formerly American Mobile Nurses, Medical Express, NurseChoice, Nurses Rx and O'Grady Peyton International); two physician brands (Staff Care and Merritt Hawkins); and three allied brands (Med Travelers, Rx Pro Health and Platinum Select Staffing). 


"Our 25 years of quality-focused and innovative service delivery is a direct reflection of our team members," Nowakowski said. "Our success and brand reputation relies on our team members and managers who are passionate about delivering the highest quality service to our clients and continuously improving our approach to the business. The AMN brand evolution is another way to express how our various teams connect and work with each other and with our clients," she added.