10.5.2012 Compass360

Marketwire Debuts New Brand Identity.

Marketwire debuts a new brand identity and streamlined product portfolio to more accurately represent what it has become: a social communications company. Enjoying a profitable 30-year newswire history, the past six years have seen a period of dramatic growth as the company expanded its service offerings, operations and number of employees to meet the needs of a rapidly growing client base and shifting media landscape. The most significant driver of Marketwire's evolution was its acquisition of leading social media analytics company Sysomos in July 2010, allowing the company to integrate news distribution with insight gathered from the social sphere.


Core Facts

  • Brand Promise: Beyond Words
    Marketwire's new brand promise, Beyond Words, captures the power of combining content and conversation. It articulates a renewed emphasis on personal service, advanced execution through "powerful simplicity," exemplary performance and growth. 

  • New Graphic Identity 
    Reflecting its new brand identity, Marketwire's new logo blends two intersecting shapes, representing the integration of content distribution and social media. A refreshed website aligns with this new image; basic navigation, news and content submission, press release display and search tools remain the same. 

  • Integrated Product Lineup
    Marketwire simplified and streamlined its product portfolio, grouped by category, to more easily convey how its products work together in an integrated workflow. 

    • Marketwire MAP (Media Analysis Platform)
      The world's most celebrated social media business intelligence platform and research tool, Marketwire MAP allows for deep social media research, demographic identification, landscape and influencer analysis and benchmarking. 

    • Marketwire Heartbeat
      A social media monitoring and listening platform, Marketwire Heartbeat offers real-time metrics for brands to monitor how they are seen in the social universe.

  • Marketwire Distribute
    Marketwire edits, translates, optimizes and distributes press releases and other content, then measures and reports on effectiveness. Marketwire Distribute includes the following products and services:
    • Marketwire Disclosure and Regulatory Filing
    • Marketwire Impress, a fully integrated content management system
    • Marketwire Mediahub, a global media database of 1.5 million contacts, events and editorial opportunities
    • Marketwire Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

  • Marketwire Resonate
    The next-generation marketing communication solution, Marketwire Resonate brings real-time social media monitoring, content optimization, targeted global distribution and measurement technology together.


  • Michael Nowlan, President and Chief Executive Officer 

    • "Marketwire's vision is to inspire and empower the world's communicators to achieve greatness. We don't just want our clients to distribute press releases -- we want them to connect with bloggers journalists, influencers, investors and their customers to make an impact. We don't just want to sell software that monitors social networks -- we want our clients to discover who is talking about their brands and why, and we want to provide them with the tools to extract real business intelligence from the social web. And most important, we want to join the business intelligence extracted from the social web with the ability for our customers to connect with all their audiences." 

    • "This is not just about social media. This is not just about traditional communication channels. This is about leveraging our unique knowledge and expertise in both of these arenas to meet the needs of our clients." 

    • "The integration of our distribution platform and social monitoring and measurement tools give our clients unprecedented control over their brand while letting them communicate more effectively with their customers and better understand the markets in which they do business."

  • Tim Lambertus, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Strategy 

    • "The creative process began with getting to the heart of what makes Marketwire unique. We discovered that Marketwire's culture is defined by a love of technological innovation and a passion for fulfilling our clients' needs and wants."

    • "It was a natural progression to combine innovation and service with product integration. The coming together of communication (the "wire") and conversation (social media) drove our graphic symbolism. The blue and red triangles in our logo represent that integration while the merged shape in the center represents our brand promise, Beyond Words, consisting of personal service, performance and growth."