18.6.2010 Brody Associates

Music For Youth Identity

Research Studios has begun the roll out of a new look for musical organisation, Music for Youth, who provide young musicians with the platform of performance opportunities in a host of public events; from local venues to prestigious locations such as the Royal Albert Hall London or the O2 in Birmingham. Music for Youth also offers young performers the opportunity to develop their skills with workshops and other unique opportunities to collaborate and learn with top named performers, musicians, conductors and music educationalists.   This year Music for Youth turns 40 and the charity wanted Research Studios to re-design their identity to communicate more effectively with its core audience of young performers and loyal organisers/supporters, as well as broaden their language to reflect the diverse range of musical genres it covers. Furthermore, it also wanted to enhance its ability to evolve and strengthen its digital presence. Whilst the new identity beds in the logo’s core iteration will be constant but the new personalities will begin to roll out after the first year (highlighted in this animation). Research Studios are currently working with the organisation on their website and programme of activities including the forthcoming National Festival held in Birmingham from 5th to 10th July 2010.