7.11.2017 SomeOne

New strategy and design for MarketInvoice.

MarketInvoice is an incredible fin-tech story. Founded in 2011, the brand has now supplied over £1billion in funding to businesses big and small in the UK. SomeOne was approached to create a new strategy and refreshed approach to telling their story to a wider audience. MarketInvoice is revolutionising the way businesses fund their growth.


Rather than relying on banks with their high fees, long contracts and slow processes they have created a product that turns all those negatives into positives; straightforward costs, flexible terms and a quick process, you can get invoices paid within 24 hours.


MarketInvoice has become a both a life saver for businesses, allowing them to take control of their cashflow. And an everyday tool for making the most of opportunities. MarketInvoice believes that entrepreneurs should focus on what they’re passionate about, rather than having to worry about how to finance their business.

'SomeOne’s strategy was to create a brand that is progressive, friendly and positive. MarketInvoice have an amazing reputation for their customer service, they can solve almost any businesses problem and to do that well, collaboration with their clients is vital.' Laura Hussey, Creative Partner, SomeOne.


'This strategy of collaboration encompasses the whole of MarketInvoices rebrand with the ‘M’ split into 2 equal parts signifying the role of MarketInvoice and its Clients or MarketInvoice and it’s Partners coming together.'
Shaun Turnbull, Senior Lead Designer, SomeOne.


This idea of duality is played throughout the new brand identity unifying everything MarketInvoice says and does.