Branche Verkehr

A new forward-looking identity for Airbus that also honours its origin


Air­bus unvei­led a new bran­ding today which retains the ori­gi­nal ball-shaped sym­bol that deno­tes its exper­tise as world-leading air­craft manu­fac­tu­rer, while incor­po­ra­ting the moder­nised type­face adop­ted by the company’s EADS cor­po­rate parent. 


This marks the first updating of Air­bus’ logo since the company’s crea­tion in 1969, and pro­vi­des a fresh look as it pre­pa­res for the future, accor­ding to Air­bus Pre­si­dent and CEO Tom Enders. 


“We have retai­ned many of our logo’s ori­gi­nal fea­tures – such as the ico­nic ball and the deep blue that cha­rac­te­rise Air­bus and which have hel­ped build the brand into a glo­bal hou­se­hold name, with over 90 per cent awa­ren­ess among the tra­vel­ling public and a repu­ta­tion as a lea­der in inno­va­tion and leading-edge tech­no­logy,” End­ers said. “But we also have moder­nised our iden­tity to reflect tomorrow’s design era and mar­ke­ting needs.” 


The ball-shaped logo is com­po­sed of two sets of three cur­ved lines that join at an ima­gi­nary hori­zon line, which rep­res­ents the uni­fi­ca­tion of Air­bus’ foun­ding com­pa­nies to create what has become one of the world’s top pro­vi­ders of com­mer­cial jet­li­ners and mili­tary airlifters. 


Air­bus’ new brand iden­tity will be intro­du­ced in a pha­sed approach, begin­ning with brand col­la­te­ral that inclu­des its Web­site and advertising.