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A new forward-looking identity for Airbus that also honours its origin


Airbus unveiled a new branding today which retains the original ball-shaped symbol that denotes its expertise as world-leading aircraft manufacturer, while incorporating the modernised typeface adopted by the company’s EADS corporate parent. 


This marks the first updating of Airbus’ logo since the company’s creation in 1969, and provides a fresh look as it prepares for the future, according to Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders. 


“We have retained many of our logo’s original features – such as the iconic ball and the deep blue that characterise Airbus and which have helped build the brand into a global household name, with over 90 per cent awareness among the travelling public and a reputation as a leader in innovation and leading-edge technology,” Enders said. “But we also have modernised our identity to reflect tomorrow’s design era and marketing needs.” 


The ball-shaped logo is composed of two sets of three curved lines that join at an imaginary horizon line, which represents the unification of Airbus’ founding companies to create what has become one of the world’s top providers of commercial jetliners and military airlifters. 


Airbus’ new brand identity will be introduced in a phased approach, beginning with brand collateral that includes its Website and advertising.

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