Branche Verkehr
Agentur Saffron

Volotea’s in the air.


Ever tried fly­ing to what are per­haps unfairly ter­med second or third tier cities in Europe? Then you’ll know how frus­tra­ting the jour­ney can be. Long sto­po­vers and high costs – in time, com­fort and cash – seem to be an obli­gatory part of an alto­ge­ther unsa­tis­fy­ing expe­ri­ence. Volo­tea, a new air­line from the crea­tors of Vue­ling, would like to change that.


Ope­ra­ting out of Venice, Volo­tea aims to con­nect small and medium sized cities across Europe, brin­ging con­ve­ni­ence, sim­p­li­city and fair pri­ces to pla­ces and people igno­red by the big­ger air­lines. Saf­fron worked with the people behind the pro­ject to deve­lop a posi­tio­ning based around sim­p­li­city, hos­pi­ta­lity, and an under­stan­ding of local cultures.


The visual iden­tity is natu­ral and dis­tinc­tive, inspi­red by a typi­cal table­cloth used in Medi­ter­ra­nean homes and restau­rants. By inte­gra­ting an ever­y­day ele­ment and pla­c­ing it in an unex­pec­ted con­text, we hoped to bring a touch of fami­lia­rity and com­fort to an other­wise quite alien experience.


The name was inspi­red by a poem by Pablo Neruda, Mari­posa de Otoño, where the inven­ted Spa­nish verb ‘volo­tear’ appears for the first time. A sim­pler ver­sion of the exis­ting verb ‘revo­lo­tear’, per­haps, mea­ning to swirl around – some­thing deni­zens of Europe’s smal­ler cities will be doing more easily con­side­ring Volotea’s just taken off.