Branche Handel

Wegmans: New logo


Weg­mans cust­o­mers will soon begin to see a Weg­mans logo that har­kens back to the company’s logo of the 30s and 40s. It makes its return in the Weg­mans‹ Sun­day weekly ad on Sep­tem­ber 28, and over the next several days, on new uni­form shirts for Weg­mans employees. 


“When we looked back at some of our ear­liest logos, they con­veyed the warmth and per­so­nal atten­tion to detail that we hope reflect our brand,” explai­ned Col­leen Weg­man. “The family cul­ture in our com­pany con­ti­nues to grow. It was time to go back to our roots and to a logo that is wel­co­m­ing because it is more like a family signature.” 


Little by little, a shift from the block-letter style of Weg­mans’ name, first intro­du­ced in the 1970s, to a script style will occur. The tran­si­tion will be gra­dual, star­ting first with things that are sim­ple to change. Stor­e­front signs, for example, may not be repla­ced for a long while, because of the cost. But gro­cery bags, packa­ging and other such things will be rede­si­gned as supplies run out. 


The com­pany first announ­ced the change in a Sep­tem­ber 19 email to employees from Col­leen and her dad, CEO Danny Weg­man, in which they said “Our new logo is both a reflec­tion of our past and a vision for our future.”